Oil Type Mold Temperature Machine
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1.Explosion-proof equipment for pipelines
2.Air blowing and return oil function
3.Therometer for return oil
4.Automatic air-exhausting function after startup
5.Switchover of heating power
6.Negative-pressure system(optional)
7.Instant cooling return oil shut-down function(optional)
8.Isolated electric box for longer services lives of electric appliances
9.RS485 communication function for automated management(optional)
10.Customizable multi-point temperature control unit
11.Customizable horsepower and heating power of oil pump
12.Brands OMRON, FUJI, TE and LG for electric appliances
13.Range of temperature control: + 25℃~200℃ for incoming oil
14.304 stainless steel integrated pipelines for less pipe blockage and rust
15.Control mode: improted microcomputer or PLC(optional)
Perfect security protection, fault display, repair, maintenance without professional
ACO series180℃ the oil temperature machine specific parameters

Model Unit ACO-05 ACO-10 ACO-20
Control range 180℃
Temp. control accuracy PID±1℃
Power AC3 Φ 380V50HZ 3P+E(5M)
Heat transfer mediu Heat transfer fluid
Cooling method Inside cooling
Heating capacity KW 6 9(3) 9(3)
Input power KW 7 10 11
Pump power HP 0.5 1 90
Max. pump flow L/MIN 45 70 90
Max. pump pressure KG/CM2 3.5 5.5 5.5
Expansion tank capacity KW 8 8 8
Alerfunction Lack phase/lack water/exceed temp./overload
Cooling water pipe INCH 3/8 1/2 1/2
Circulation water pipe INCH 3/8*2 3/8*4 3/8*4
L X W X H MM 800*325*715 800*325*745 800*325*745
Weight KG 62 68 95
Pre-sale services

1. Professional and technical consultation and communication.

2. Equipment selection and quotation.

3. Product application solutions recommendations.

4. Engineering solutions.

After-sale services

Warranty: 12 months guarantee for all products.

Within warranty, any problem caused by the defects of the machine itself, we will offer its service until the problem solved.

Over warranty, we will offer maintenance activity by cost only.

Q: How to choose air cooled system or water cooled system? Air cooled is better or water cooled is better?

A: In terms of installation simplicity, the air cooled system is more convenient than the water-cooled system and does not need to connect cooling towers. The water cooled system needs to be connected to the cooling tower then it can run. In terms of energy efficiency, the water cooled system has higher energy efficiency than the air cooled system. Specifically, according to your environment and situation, engineers will design an optimization plan for you.

Q: What is the outlet temperature of your chiller?

A: -55 to 15 centigrade.

Q: What’s payment terms?

A: 50% as deposit, 50% before delivery by T/T, Western Union and Paypal is our regular payment terms. D/P, L/C need to have a discussion.

Q: What is the warranty of water chiller?

A: The standard warranty is 12 months.

Q: What is the  delivery time?

A: Usually around 30 days.

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